Garden Flag Care

Luckily garden flags require even less care than house plants, but they still require a little attention every now and then. Find out here how to properly care and maintain your garden flags. 

Proper Use for Garden Flags

The best way to ensure a long life out of your garden flag is to make sure you’re caring for it properly. Not only can this help increase the life of your flags, but it also helps them maintain their beautiful vibrant colors as if they were brand new.  Here are some things we recommend:

  • Hang flags properly on a stand or hanger. Make sure it is clean, free of rust, and in good condition before hanging the flag. 
  • Avoid placing flags near things that could tear or wear down the flag as the wind blows. This includes branches and bushes, but also walls. Rough surfaces such as brick can wear down the flag’s fabric over time.
  • Wash flags regularly to remove dust, dirt, pollen and anything else it collects. This prevents the fabric from becoming stained and dulled. 
  • During inclement weather and high winds, bring flags inside or to a protected area. 
  • Store flags in the flat position in a cool dry area.
  • Promptly address any tears or loose threads.

Washing a Garden Flag

The garden flags that are sold by Bay Cottage Gifts are all meant for outdoor use (how else would they be a garden flag?!). That doesn’t mean that we should just permanently leave them outside without a little bit of tender loving care.  Whether your garden flag has built up too much pollen, or its time to store your seasonal flag and break out the next one, it’s a good idea to properly wash your flag.

The Don'ts

First and foremost, we recommend that you never machine wash any of your outdoor flags.  Similarly, do not machine dry them. This can cause wear and fading to your flags, and high heat can cause you flag to deform or permanently crease. 

  • No Machines
  • No Heat
  • No Harsh Chemicals (i.e. Bleach) 

The Dos

Follow these tips to keep your garden flags looking beautiful and helping them to last for years to come: 

  • Brush off any loose dirt or pollen outside.
  • Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent.
  • Fully rinse out all dirt, debris and detergent water.
  • Lay the flag on a flat surface to allow it to air dry. The surface should be clean, and not contain any dyes. 

Repair and Maintenance of a Garden Flag

It is important to address issues with your garden flag as soon as you notice them.  Minor tears can be disastrous if left unattended. 

  • Trim loose threading.
  • Stitch or patch any tears. 
  • Significant damage at bottom of flag can be trimmed off, and then simply re-hemmed. 
  • Use a UV protectant spray to help reduce fading of the fabric
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If it’s time to replace a flag, or you want to bring more flags into the rotation, we’ve got you covered! Shop with us at Bay Cottage Gifts!

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